You will be tremendously blessed once you embark on this journey of freedom. The practical application and delivery have opened my eyes to a higher calling and purpose for my life. They have inspired me to move forward, creating a paradigm shift in my spirit and soul to a higher purpose of living. I can assure you that “She’s Bearing All Fruits” will bring you out of your cocoon and allow you to blossom into a beautiful butterfly. The author desires you to become fruitful as God designed you to be. We all have a uniqueness about us; as the author mentioned in the book, we are all beautiful flowers in different colors.

LaDwina’s goals are to remind you of the sweet smell of the flowers and to help you understand that life has storms that may diminish your spirit and cause some part of your purpose to wither away. But, however big the storm, she concludes you must be planted in order to grow. Her linguistic use of the fruit of the spirit written by Paul to the Church of Galatians reminds me of parallels to other great speakers whose dynamic and practical everyday life scenarios penetrate our hearts and minds through our television and radio stations across the country.

LaDwina’s style and contrast of the fruit of the spirit are similar, encouraging in the direction of Joyce Meyer, Joni Eareckson Tada, and Priscilla Shirer. All of whom inspirational leadership has helped us to live in this new culture with style and grace.

I have had the pleasure to see LaDwina go through the things she mentioned in the book, and it is my pleasure even to have participated in all these phases of her life. She has manifested these fruits in her everyday life with family and colleagues alike.

Unlike cake ingredients which are nasty on their own but, when mixed, make the perfect blend. According to Paul, the fruit of the spirit is one fruit with all these ingredients. Nevertheless, each one can stand on its own because they represent the character of Christ’s likeness.

The author Christ’s characteristics reveal themselves in the way she leads from the beginning of the introduction to the very end. With “The Fear of the Lord” and her personal commentary on a Proverbs 31 woman.

When we read the wisdom literature of the bible,” Proverbs,” the book opens its first few verses with the secret to wisdom and knowledge.

Proverbs 1:5 (NIV) says, Let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidance.”

Proverbs 1:7 (NIV)The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge…

“She’s Bearing All Fruits” is the desire of the author to pour out her Christ-likeness on you, the reader.

Sometimes, you will feel doubt, and guilt will creep into your purpose, but the author gives you seeds of affirmation and encouragement to live your life more abundantly.

Seeds are buried deep into the ground. Before it can grow, it has to be watered. When emotional storms of life come, the author echoes that these storms are only the water needed to grow. You have to be planted to rise again.

When reading this book, I do not only see a book for early educators desiring to be inspired in their new careers or a seasoned educator questioning their purpose. However, this book would be the perfect part of their preparation.

I have been a business owner for over two decades, worked with several fortune five hundred companies, and have been part of several church planting. This book application can be applied to any career: any campaign and organization.

It inspires, empowers, and encourages change that is uncomfortable but needed. It gives individuals, teams, families, corporations, and associations a self-fulfilling purpose.

John Piper, an American theologian, says,” Our goal in life should not be to stay alive but to live life until the course has run out.” But, of course, his disposition is God’s purpose for your life.

You may have questions regarding your existence. Like Adonis Creed fictional character from the Rocky film series, one of the movie’s best lines is when Rocky asks him, “Why are you doing this” he answers, “I want to prove I wasn’t a mistake.” Once he found his purpose, it fueled his fire and his desire to be a champion. I am not sure what your purpose is, but God speaks to us in three ways. Through his word, through his spirit, and through other people.

I pray for you to be blessed and inspired by the words of this book like I have.

Donavon Flegeance, President of D.R.I.V.E. International Outreach, Author of “Reality Check,” Exploring the Sci-Fiction From A Biblical Point Of View, and Author of “Bold,” From The Agora To The Areopagus.

Have you ever felt like there’s more to life? In “She’s Bearing All Fruits,” LaDwina shares how life should be worth living for, not just existing. I’m confident her story will relate to women of all ages. You will be inspired to live your life purposefully without any regrets. Planting good in people will always bring a harvest to enjoy in any season of your life.

LaKisha Milson, First Lady of First Holy Ghost C.O.G.I.C.

LaDwina spoke many things my heart speaks. As wives, mothers, and women of God, we forget to live life on purpose because we become comfortable. She is definitely bearing fruits with words of wisdom and encouragement. This book has blessed me with hard truths to live by.

Anika F Porter, M.Ed, Speaker, Author, Consultant, and Founder of APorter Books

This insightful, provoking read will empower everyday people to achieve success while gleaning nuggets of truth from the author’s wisdom. This book is filled with real-life wisdom and reflection to propel women to bear the fruit through the timeless truth!

Dr. Warren Milson, III, Senior Pastor of FHG Church and Christ Community Church, Author of Grace Leadership