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Forever Bearing Fruits

Our mission is to empower women of all ages, ethnicity, and social-economic to live fruitful lives and achieve their full potential by walking in their purpose. We seek to accomplish this by sowing seeds of prosperity while giving informed advice on how to grow their business(es) and attain personal developmental growth as future leaders of their community.

We are an organization with a vision to support all women with the compassion, drive, and skill sets to lead, grow, and develop a business workforce to create job opportunities for those in their community.

Our goal is to inspire and motivate women of diversity to collaborate in a social gathering and safe environment to grow and learn from other women leading a legacy of honor while proving that women of all ages can be leaders of their community and this world.

Fruits of HER Labor

If you don’t like the harvest you are reaping, check the seeds you are sowing.

– LaDwina Flegeance

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A book about a self-awareness to discover the life you were meant to live.

About Me

LaDwina Flegeance, M.Ed

LaDwina is an Author, Educator, and Entrepreneur who has served in her community for the past two decades. She received her Master’s in Educational Leadership at Lamar University & Bachelor of Science from McNeese State University and attended Dallas Theological Seminary.

She has participated, alongside her husband, Donavon, in three church planting, facilitated the establishment of a Mother’s Day Out program, and served in children’s ministry for several years. She is a huge advocate for public education and has served on numerous committees within her school districts.

LaDwina is the CEO of the Flegeance Insurance Agency, which educates and advises its clients on the wealth of their securities. She is also the founder of Fruits of HER Labor, a non-profit organization for women seeking opportunities to create their businesses. Being an inspiring motivator to others, she also loves hosting gatherings at her home for family and friends. In addition, she enjoys dancing, cooking, and spending quality time on her patio.

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What The Critics Say


Have you ever felt like there’s more to life? In “She’s Bearing All Fruits,” LaDwina shares how life should be worth living for, not just existing. I’m confident her story will relate to women of all ages. You will be inspired to live your life purposefully without any regrets. Planting good in people will always bring a harvest to enjoy in any season of your life.

LaKisha Milson, First Lady of First Holy Ghost C.O.G.I.C.

LaDwina spoke many things my heart speaks. As wives, mothers, and women of God, we forget to live life on purpose because we become comfortable. She is definitely bearing fruits with words of wisdom and encouragement. This book has blessed me with hard truths to live by.

Anika F Porter, M.Ed, Speaker, Author, Consultant, and Founder of APorter Books

This insightful, provoking read will empower everyday people to achieve success while gleaning nuggets of truth from the author’s wisdom. This book is filled with real-life wisdom and reflection to propel women to bear the fruit through the timeless truth!

Dr. Warren Milson, III, Senior Pastor of FHG Church and Christ Community Church, Author of Grace Leadership